Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do bring to my exam?

All patients should bring:

  • Please complete the VEOG Patient Form before your appointment
  • All recent glasses (includes all glasses that you actively use such as reading, computer, or sports glasses)
  • List of prescription medications that you are taking
  • Sunglasses

Contact lens patients should also bring:

  • Copy of your previous contact lens prescription or old boxes/labels/vials that show parameters.
  • Wear your contacts to the appointment, unless you are having problems. Do NOT wear contacts if you are having problems — instead, bring that pair in your contact lens case.
  • Note which contact lens solutions & drops you are using.
What eyewear brands do you offer?

Our dispensary proudly displays over 800 frames that include handmade Italian, German and Japanese brands as well as high quality budget friendly options. If you're looking for High fashion or just some quality eyewear on a budget we have you covered. We promise to find the perfect fit for you and your family!

Our opticians are fully trained and can help you find the perfect frame, with the perfect fit - to match your fashion and lifestyle. We offer the latest in eye wear fashion, from top name brands to high quality budget friendly options for the entire family.

Some of our brands:

What is the difference between Yearly Comprehensive Exam vs. Problem Oriented Visit?

Yearly comprehensive exam

This type of visit is defined by insurance companies as a yearly check up to assess your visual system and Eye health. Unlike a simple vision screening which only assesses your vision a comprehensive exam includes a battery of test in order to do a complete evaluation of the health of your eyes and your vision. This type of appointment will address preventative screening care along with a diagnosis like nearsightedness farsightedness astigmatism or presbyopia.

Problem Oriented Visit

This type of visit includes the diagnosis, management and treatment of temporary or ongoing problems such as dry eye, corneal abrasions, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, infections or injuries.

These two types of services are distinct. Your medical and vision insurance companies treat them as distinct appointment types even if they occur during the same visit. Providers are required to code type of service separately even if performed during one visit. Because of this requirement, an additional charge may occur if there is discussion or management of a problem at the time of a routine eye exam appointment. Because of contractual agreements with insurance companies and Medicare, there is a legal obligation to code correctly for problem visits.

To avoid misunderstanding, yearly comprehensive exam visits are scheduled as yearly exams usually covered once a year by your vision insurance such as VSP or MESC. Please schedule problem visits when they occur. Frequently problem discussions arise during yearly comprehensive exam visits .If time allows, they can be addressed.In this circumstance, an additional visit code will be applied to the visit.

Options for Presbyope
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